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She is an integrated research member of CEAU Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture of the University Porto, a collaborator at CONSTRUCT Institute of R&D in Structures and Construction of FEUP and in DESIGN studio, a competence centre for design and engineer also at FEUP.  As a collaborator and coordinator, she works on several research projects linking architecture with civil engineering and industrial design.

She is now the coordinator of the DIGI@feup3DC, a research group with various backgrounds (architecture, design, civil and mechanical engineering) working on construction digitalisation, particularly on Integrated Project Design (IPD), 3D printing systems and modular construction.




FORA de PORTAS Engenharia Civil à Mostra

Since 2011, as part of the actions to promote Civil Engineering, FEUP Civil Engineering Department has been calling on the community to look at the technology that is behind the built environment. Together with the authors, architects and engineers, a vast and a conference is made to reveall the technological issues addressed. Various disciplines areas of constriction are discussed: from bridge and building structures, rehabilitation, constructive and energy efficiency, water supply and wastewater treatment, to geotechnics. In each event, a Sebenta d' Obra  is produced summarising the intervention process, from the project or diagnosis to the completion of the work.  This initiative is a partnership between DEC/FEUP with Porto Innovation Hub of Porto Digital, GAIurb and Reitoria of UP, with the support of OASRN, OE and Casa da Arquitetura  

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto


3D printed acoustic barriers

Climate change-based building design guidelines

WeWon'tWasteYou _ Waste as a raw material for design _DESIGNstudio FEUP 

Products developed by students with waste as a raw material

ERASMUS +, 2016-2019_ Disseminating Civil Engineering

Low-cost Interactive equipment for Civil Engineer
BIGmac house to test construction materials
Activities for Civil Engineering

Digital coffe machine
Project developed with Augusto Barata, Jorge Lino, Vasco Canavarro, Vitor Carneiro

Scoria public bench
Project developed with students for LIPOR, 2020
with Erika Bona, Catarina Rocha, José Pisa, Inês Gonçalves

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