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Within the research, MsC and PhD thesis orientation explore Integrated Project Design, Design for Assembly, 3D and 4D printing for construction and design, Eco-design, Industry 4.0.

She is the director of Master in Integrated Building Design and Construction at FEUP for architects and engineers.

Master of Integrated Project for Building Design

DfMA for Integrated Project Design

Filipe Estrela, MPRINCE 2021

Digital twins for monitoring rehabilitation 

Carlos Marrero, MRPINCE 2021

Master of Industrial and Product Design
3DC with brick waste
Joana Costa, MDIP 2022
3D printing with concrete
João Teixeira, MDIP 2018

Bio-waste design

Erika Bona, MDIP 2021

4D printing
Alice Henriques, MDIP 2019
Egg and PLA
 Rita Leite, MDIP 2020
Design and sustainability
Adriana Fernandes, MDIP 2019

Design for social innovation 

Daniel LealMDIP  2020

Coffe powder
Vasco Canavarro, MDIP 2016
Compostable packaging
 Monica Oliveira, MDIP 2020
Biodegradable packaging
Gonçalo SilvaMDIP 2019
Fish net 
Daniela Monteiro, MDIP  2016
Recycled HDPE II
Camelia Butuon, 
MDIP i  2017
Composite material with fibres
Helena Carvalho
MDIP  2018

Fish scales

Leonor PintoMDIP  2020


Maria |inês MonteiroMDIP  2016

Textil Recycling

​Célia CostaMDIP  2016

Recycled HDPE I 

Flávia FreixaMDIP 2016

Toys for hospitalised kids

Teresa FreitasMDIP 2017

Modular laggage

Ana CardosoMDIP 2019

Lighting with waste

Mariana AmadoMDIP  2017

Rock waste

Filipe Moreira,MDIP 2018

Industrial production strategies in building industry. 
Cláudia de Lima Brito
MDIP 2018
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